Birthday Blessings and Religious Wishes | Greeting Card Poet (2022)

If you’re seeking some birthday blessings for a close friend or family member, we can help.

What message did you send your friend who is celebrating a birthday? Did you send heartfelt words, prayers or quotes, or just ‘happy birthday’?

If you have seen Facebook, you probably know that not very many people are very creative when it comes to extending greetings. That’s why we’re here to help you express your sincere love and wishes to your friends or family.

From the long list of birthday blessings and religious birthday wishes below, we’re hopeful that you’ll find something to your liking. Enjoy!

Religious Birthday Wishes

  1. May this day bring you many uncountable blessings.
  2. As you add a year today, may heaven smile on you and fill your heart with overflowing joy and love.
  3. You’re wonderfully made in God’s image, and you deserve the best of life on this particular day.
  4. A new year is an assurance of God’s presence. You’ll never be alone on this day.
  5. May the angels carry you in their arms and lift you to the greatest heights of the world.
  6. May your fields be green, and your barns be full.

Messages Religious

  • Your life is a gift from God and this birthday is an even precious present.
  • For every candle you blow off your cake, may God grant your wishes and heart desires.
  • Celebrating you today is the most important thing to my heart today. Wish you happiness and fulfillment.
  • Happy birthday, God’s most cherished creature!
  • Count your blessings. This birthday is one in many.
  • Keep a thankful heart as you mark this unique day in your life.
  • Wish you a birthday filled with lots of laughter and purpose.

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Birthday Blessings Meme

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Birthday Wishes Religious

  • I’m glad to be a part of the life of someone as amazing as you.
  • Best wishes on your B-day. Your life is one worth celebrating.
  • You’re the apple of God’s eyes as David was. Happy B-day!
  • God has given you today to assure you that he’s got your tomorrow. Just be happy.
  • Happy birthday, dear heart! Be happy on this sunny day of your life. God is all the happiness you need.
  • One year is a day in God’s sight. So enjoy this day like it’s your best.
  • Your life has been a miracle that has always surprised me. God has got many more surprises for you today. Have the best celebration!
  • Like God chose the Israelites, he has chosen you. Decide to enjoy your birthday.
  • All glory in the highest! My sweet friend is a year older. Enjoy the fresh days ahead.

I wish you niece happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Blessings

  • Happy Birthday, my beautiful sister! Be blessed like Hannah and Sarah.
  • May Deborah’s confidence give you all the inspiration you need this year to rule your world.
  • You’re a blessing from God. Never doubt it on your special day.
  • Like the stars in the sky, keep shining. Wish you a smashing birthday celebration.

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Birthday Blessings for Dad

  • Happy birthday, Dad! May your life keep being a source of motivation to the world.
  • Mothers are caring, but fathers are even more loving. I love you so much, Dad. Happy celebration!
  • Growing older is getting closer to death, but I wish you many more promising years, Dad.
  • You’re God’s gift to our family. We wish you a very special birthday.
  • Remember to always thank God for how far he has led you.
  • Keep increasing in your faith and trust in God, as you increase in age.

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Birthday Blessings for Friends

  • You’ve blessed me so much. I want God to bless you till your room can’t take them all.
  • I keep praying that our friendship will outlive our years. You deserve much love. Happy birthday, buddy!
  • You’re so dear to my life. I want you always to have reasons to smile and be happy.
  • On this fabulous day of your life, may your blessings be as uncountable as the sands of the sea and our friendship as endless as the ocean.
  • Keep being that beautiful friend that’s always there for me. May God never leave you.
  • Grow in wisdom and favor just as Jesus did.
  • I got you a cake that spells out our friends in all its bright colors. Keep being a blessing even after it’s all over.
  • Though we’re separated by a thousand miles, my heart thinks of you, and it prays that God blesses you in several thousand ways.

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Happy Birthday God Bless You

  • Joy, peace and sound health are my wishes for you on this special day. God bless!
  • Have the best moments this year. You’re priceless to God, and to me.
  • Wish you a fantastic day with boundless love and excitement.
  • Did you get the gift I sent you? I asked God to fill you a box of blessings. You’re amazing. Happy B-day!
  • On this day, may you feel more confident of God’s presence in your life. Happy Age Anniversary!
  • God will take your hand this year, and you’ll never have to feel alone. Happy celebration.
  • May you have the strength to go through life vigorous and victorious. Have the best day!
  • I pray that the spirit of God will cheer your spirit this day and make you untouchable.
  • You are a sign of God’s majesty and splendor. Walk in his glory this year. Happy Birthday!
  • The angels are elated to celebrate another angel – YOU! Stay blessed today and always.
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Happy Birthday Mom

  • Mom, you’ve been sweet. I wish you a day sweeter than your cake.
  • Forget the age; remember you have great looks. Happy celebration, dear mother.
  • Congratulations to the best woman in my world. May this day remind you of how blessed you have been.
  • Best birthday wishes to you, Mom. I love you to the moon and beyond.
  • Can I have this dance? I hope you dance on this splendid day in your life.

Birthday Wishes for Sister

  • Little sister, I love everything about you. I celebrate you on this terrific day. Happy birthday!
  • Many hearty cheers to the best sister in the world! You’ve taught me love in its most real form.
  • To my friend turned sister, have a perfect celebration.
  • You can start something new this year, sis. Go for it, gal.
  • Blessed birthdays bring assurances of success. Let’s toast to your success.
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Birthday Greetings

  • A very enjoyable and thrilling birthday for you!
  • Bask in the beauty of the sun today. Many happy returns!
  • Birthday wishes from me to you. I adore you.
  • It’s the day when we celebrate the older you. Enjoy it all.
  • Happy birth anniversary!
  • You survived another trip around the sun. Stay on top of your game.
  • Keep an active mind this day. God’s got your back.
  • I hope you feel all the love we’re sending your way.

For Wife

  • My darling wife, I want to spend today and every other day celebrating you. Best B-day, sunshine.
  • You’ve been more special to me than even my best celebrity. Have a birthday as special as you are.
  • I got your favorite chocolates, so you’ll know you’re my favorite person in the whole wide world.

For Husband

  • To my number one man in the world, keep soaring. You’re my hero. Have a blast today!
  • I want to make up every day beside you, counting the stars under the bright moon. You’ve been a blessing to me.
  • Lots of love and laughter on this day, sugar. May your dreams come through, with me holding your hand down the road.

Late Birthday Blessings

  • My wishes may be coming late, but not the blessing. Did you have a beautiful day?
  • God’s blessings could never be late, even if I almost forgot to send you my kind wishes.
  • Will you forgive me for being the last person to send you birthday wishes? I took a flight to get all the blessings in the world for you. You’re the best, sweet.

By Mike O’Halloran

Mike is the founder and editor at Greeting Card Poet.

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