How Much Does It Cost to Move a Mobile Home? Everything You Need to Know (2023)

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Moving a Mobile Home

Moving a mobile home comes with a long list of logistical details prior to getting the home on the road. Everything from what the cost of moving a mobile home is, to what kind of distance is reasonable, and how to secure your investment should be considered.

So, we’ll cover this ground and much more in regard to how to go about moving a mobile home. We will start with the most frequently asked questions and work our way to the finer detail. Thanks for coming along for the ride!

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How Much Does it Cost to Move a Mobile Home?

This is the big question. Many times homeowners and residents want to ask, “Can I move a mobile home for free?” No, if you’re asking this question, you’re probably headed down the wrong road.

A professional mobile home transport company will charge $3,000 – $5,000 to move a single section manufactured home.

A larger home, one that’s two or more sections, may need to be moved in sections and could cost $10,000 or more. Again, the added cost for moving a mobile home depends on the size and stability of the home, as well as the distance and route being considered. Most times, moving a large mobile home will require assistance vehicles to lead and tail the home.

How Are Moving Costs Calculated?

The range of cost from $3,000 to $10,000 or more depends on a few factors:

  • How big is the home? Single wide home sizes are easier and less expensive to move.
  • How old is the home, and what kind of shape is it in? The more sturdy the home, the better.
  • How far must the home be moved? Most movers want to stay with 100 miles.
  • What kind of access is there between the existing and desired home site? There is a lot to consider here, from bridges to city streets, to access through a mobile home park.
  • What kind of prep and finished work must be done? Will you prep the home yourself, or are you hiring someone?

Do I Need a Permit to Move a Mobile Home?

Yes, typically a permit is required to move a mobile home. For instance, a Michigan permit to move a mobile home is required if the home is more than 8 1/2 feet in width, 12 1/2 feet high and more than 60 feet long. Most homes are larger than those dimensions. So a single section home in Michigan can be moved with a permit that costs as little as $15. Larger or heavier homes may require an “Oversized Load” permit, which will range between $30 to $100.

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However, that’s an example of how the State of Michigan issues permits. Be certain to check state laws and local ordinance where your home will travel.

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Should I Hire a Professional to Move My Mobile Home?

Yes. When you’re moving your home to a new location, it’s always best to hire a professional. The following are some of the primary reasons why it’s a good idea.


A professional mobile home transport company, or mobile home mover, will have the protections in place in case something goes wrong. There are many potential unforeseen complications when a home is hooked up and taken on the road. Low hanging tree limbs, road construction, excessive traffic, tight turns or low bridges can come into play. Any of these circumstances could result in costly damage or even injury. Once your home gets moving, you want the professional with the standard protections to be responsible for anything that may go wrong.


Your hauler will either hire someone or conduct inspections themselves. The axles and chassis of the home need to be in good enough shape for travel. Roof lines, windows and doors need to be secured. Siding may need to be battened down. The interior of the home should be stable. A trained professional will be able to identify if any adjustments or fixings are needed.

The Large Load

Not too many people feel comfortable trundling down the road with a 60-foot home behind them. Professional drivers will have the spatial relationships needed to ensure the home is moved along unharmed.

Protect Your Investment

Investing in a safe and sound way to move your home should be a priority. It’s smart to pay a relatively small amount up front, whether you’re moving your single section mobile home a short distance, or have a more complicated move with a larger home. A lack of planning or upfront investment could result in a much larger bill in the end, particularly if the home is damaged.

For more information on moving a mobile home, continuing reading the following section with advice from a professional mobile home mover.

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Conversation With a Professional Mobile Home Mover

Michael Oslau has covered many thousands of miles across the U.S. in the name of manufactured home transport.

He’s a shipper, toting homes for Skyway Custom Transport of Renton, Wash. His days are spent moving mobile homes, but certain parts of his day involve little extras, brought on by necessity.

Michael Oslau can be a little bit home inspector, a little bit landscaper, a little bit physicist, sometimes meteorologist.

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“I rely on a tear down guy, and it’s hard to make sure they caught everything,” Oslau said. “There are a lot of factors involved in the transport.”

When he’s going to pick up a new home, Oslau can rest easy knowing the details have been covered by the manufacturer or dealer. But moving an existing mobile home can be a different story.

Sometimes in an effort to save money, homeowners will elect to prepare the home themselves. And even if one does make the decision to hire a contractor, not all outfits are the same.

We asked Oslau to answer a few questions about how consumers – and the people who can be hired to move a mobile home – can gain the best experience possible.

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What is the first thing you check when you arrive to move a mobile home?

“I look for a leading-edge board on the roof tile. If the wind gets it, it will pull the roof off. Tiles can go flying, and the state police don’t like that. Sometimes the roof can peel off all at once. No one likes that either.”

How do you secure a dilapidated roof while moving a mobile home?

“If you think you might need a new roof, take the old one off before we ship. You can ship without a roof, but you can’t have stuff flying off the home. You can put the new roof on at the new site.”

What is the best way to secure everything while moving a mobile home?

“New homes are easier, because it’s ready to ship for the most part. When someone gets a used home it’s more difficult, and many times the customer wants to get the work done themselves. They can be poorly strapped,” Oslau said. “This creates a twisting motion when you lift it, and can cause some problems if it twists too far. It’s more than a cracked wall. That can be fixed. Sometimes the walls will peel off the floor.”

How does an older mobile home fare during a move?

“Is the siding falling off? Is it wood, aluminum or even concrete siding? Was it built with concrete? Sometimes features are added after the home was originally purchased and sited. This means there’s a good chance the home weighs more now than it did when it was put on that chassis. The chassis is original to the home, and it’s only made to carry the weight of the original home.

“You also want to make sure the axles, tongue and A-frame are in good condition, with no damage or erosion that can weaken their ability to carry the load.”

What should be taken out of the home prior to moving a mobile home?

“Anything that’s not fixed to the home, and even some items that can be detached should be pulled from the home. Again, these axles can only hold so much weight. It’s designed to carry the weight for that section of the home that sits above it, not for all of the stuff that might be left in it.”

What else needs to be secured before you move a mobile home?

“Doors and windows need to be secured. I had one with a tip-out on it, and I had to have the set-up crew come back and put boards over it. The window kept wanting to slide out of the house, off the truck.”

What do you need in terms of access to the home?

“Usually if the home’s in a community, it’s going to work out alright. If it’s a home out in the middle of the woods, the access better be clear and straight. Sometimes a home has been in a place long enough for trees to grow up and block the way. Sometimes trees and other obstacles need to be removed, and that’s something a homeowner can do themselves or contract out.

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“You can ask your shipping company to do a site check,” Oslau said. “Some will, some won’t.”

Additionally, even transport of the smaller homes require 14-feet of road width to be passable.

“A 14-foot wide driveway off a two-lane highway won’t take a 14-foot wide home,” Oslau said. “When you’re turning off a tight space, the width is more like 30 feet wide.”

Where are you unable to put a home?

“Depending on how much money you want to spend, I can put one on the top of a mountain if you want to build the road,” Oslau said.

How does weather impact your work?

“Most of this stuff needs to be done during the summer,” Oslau said. “And wind is something you need to be aware of. There actually are highways in some places that have signs saying ‘no manufactured homes’. But, really, it’s about knowing what you’re doing when you get into truly scary places.”

How Much Does It Cost to Move a Mobile Home? Everything You Need to Know (6)

Looking for Additional Insights? Let MHVillage Help!

At MHVillage, we’re dedicated to helping aspiring homeowners make educated decisions throughout their journey to buy a mobile home.

If you’re still in the pre-planning phase of moving your home, we can help ensure that you’re properly informed to find the right community to move into. There are several advantages and disadvantages of different communities that you’ll want to consider. Or, if you’re looking for guidance on mobile home roofing prior to moving, we have you covered.

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We also have tools to connect you with mobile home movers and transporters. This page allows you to browse by state to find professionals in your area who specialize in manufactured and mobile home transport.

Happy home moving!


How much does it cost to move a double-wide mobile home in Texas? ›

Mobile home movers charge between $5,000 and $8,000 to move and set up a single-wide trailer. To move and set up a double-wide trailer, the cost is typically between $10,000 to $13,000, on average.

How long do mobile homes last? ›

To summarise. If you are wondering how long do park homes last, we have established that a park home can last a long time (40 to 70 years on average) if it is well maintained, and if it does become a little worse for wear you can replace the parts that need it, making it last much much longer!

What is the oldest mobile home that can be moved in SC? ›

What is the oldest manufactured home you can move? According to the HUD regulations, if your home was built before 1976 it doesn't meet the current safety standards and shouldn't be moved even a short distance.

Do you need a permit to move a mobile home in Texas? ›

In the case of a double-wide manufactured house, moving on its own set of axles, each half requires a permit. To move the double-wide manufactured house as one unit on a set of house moving dollies requires a permit for a house move.

Can you move a mobile home yourself in Texas? ›

If you are the owner and/or occupant of a manufactured home, you may move your home provided the home and the pulling vehicle are both registered to you.

How much does it cost to prepare land for a mobile home in Texas? ›

You can expect to spend between $2,000-$5,000 on land preparation, although your builder or developer may cover some costs. The foundation generally takes the majority of the land preparation budget. So if you need to put in a foundation, you should expect to spend an additional $5,000-$15,000.

Are mobile homes a good investment in 2022? ›

You may not have thought to invest in mobile homes before, but it could be a profitable investment in 2022. While the savviest real estate gurus are jumping on single-family homes, you can get a step ahead with lower-cost, high-demand units.

Is it worth living in a mobile home? ›

If buying a traditional home is just too daunting, consider mobile home living as an alternative option. Because mobile homes are extremely customizable and cost-effective, they're a great choice for families and individuals of all sizes and walks of life.

How do I get a permit to move a mobile home in SC? ›

Before issuing a moving permit, the licensing agent shall require a certificate from the county treasurer that there are no unpaid taxes due on the mobile home and either a copy of the certificate of title to the mobile home, or a copy of the application for a certificate of title submitted to the Department of Motor ...

Is a mobile home considered real property in South Carolina? ›

Property Taxes – In South Carolina, mobile homes are taxed and assessed as real property. Therefore, whether the mobile home is being actively used as a residence or abandoned and in poor condition, the mobile home will remain on the tax roll. Mobile homes are NOT assessed, taxed and regulated the same as vehicles.

Can you permanently live in a mobile home? ›

A park home is a type of mobile home that you live in all year round. You buy the park home but rent your pitch from a residential site owner.

Can I put a mobile home on my property without planning permission? ›

Planning permission is required, even within the curtilage of your own home.

Can you live in a mobile home without planning permission? ›

Caravans, including mobile homes up to 65x22ft, can be sited in the direct garden of a house without planning permission if they are used by members of the household as additional living space not as independent accommodation.

What is Housing permit? ›

You will need a housing permit if you want to move into an independent rental home in social housing. This applies even if someone allows you to live in an independent residence for free. If you are renting from a housing corporation, then that institution will arrange the housing permit.

How do you move a house by yourself? ›

For advice on making your DIY a bit easier, take a look at these 10 tips below.
  1. Enlist helpers. ...
  2. Rent your moving truck or trailer. ...
  3. Start early. ...
  4. Dejunk. ...
  5. Use proper moving boxes and supplies. ...
  6. Pack an essentials kit. ...
  7. Consider renting a moving container. ...
  8. Move on a weekend.
16 Oct 2017

Do you need a title for a mobile home in Texas? ›

There are specific requirements for titling and registering trailers in Texas. Registration is always required for a trailer, but the need for a title is based on the trailer weight.

Can you put a mobile home anywhere in Texas? ›

Another advantage is that you can place a new mobile home on a vacant piece of land. You can use a piece of land you or your family already owns, purchase the home and land separately, or purchase a land/home package. You do, however, need to make sure that your land is ready for the mobile home.

How do you prepare the ground for a mobile home? ›

How to Prepare Your Land for Setting a Manufactured Home
  1. Good Drainage Is Important. ...
  2. Selecting the Right Spot. ...
  3. A Note of Caution about Using a Cement Slab for the Installation. ...
  4. Make Sure the Land Is Accessible. ...
  5. Check with the Manufacturer for Installation Instructions.
2 May 2017

Do you have to pay property taxes on a mobile home in Texas? ›

Mobile Home Characteristics

Mobile homes affixed to land not owned by the homeowner are taxed as personal property. Mobile homes affixed to land owned by the homeowner are taxed as real property.

Which mobile home manufacturer is the best? ›

The Best Mobile Home Manufacturers of 2022
  • Champion Home Builders: Best Overall.
  • Clayton Homes: Best for Energy Efficiency.
  • Fleetwood Homes: Best for Families.
  • Skyline: Best for Tiny Homes.
  • Adventure Homes: Best Custom.
  • TRU Homes: Best for First-Time Home Buyers.
  • Deer Valley: Best for Modular Homes.
6 Oct 2022

Can a mobile home last 100 years? ›

Final Thought. While the average life expectancy of a mobile home is 30 to 55 years, you can still outlast that number. This is best done if you ensure the installation is done properly, choose the right location, and generally adhere to maintenance practices.

What increases the value of a mobile home? ›

Cost-effective fixes, such as painting the interior and exterior, updating plumbing and lighting fixtures, and adding new cabinets and new appliances, are budget-friendly fixes that can make a manufactured home more attractive to buyers.

What is the difference between a mobile home and a manufactured home? ›

The Difference Between Mobile and Manufactured Homes

The only difference between the two types of homes is the date they were built. According to HUD, a factory-built home prior to June 15, 1976 is a mobile home and one built after June 15, 1976 is a manufactured home.

Is it cheaper to live in a mobile home or house? ›

The question most people ask when thinking about moving to a mobile home is if it's cheaper than living in a normal home. Generally speaking, it is. This is due to lower purchase costs and lower bills, but it is important to remember that this varies from home to home and park to park.

What is the downside of a manufactured home? ›

Some of the downsides of manufactured homes are the following; Value May Depreciate. Reselling may be difficult. Financing can be complicated.

Where is the safest place in a mobile home? ›

If you don't have a basement, the safest place to take refuge is in a windowless room at the center of the building on the ground floor. If you live in a mobile home, it's important that you leave the mobile home to find shelter elsewhere.

Is it hard to maintain a mobile home? ›

Mobile and manufactured homes have many advantages over traditionally built houses, including affordability and mobility. These houses require routine maintenance just like any other home. But because they are constructed in a factory, they aren't designed the same as site-built homes.

What is the stigma of living in a mobile home? ›

Long recognized as affordable when compared to site-built homes, manufactured housing's lower costs come at a price. That price is the ongoing stigma that many communities and residents hold against manufactured housing.

What age can you move a mobile home in SC? ›

All used mobile homes coming into Williamsburg County must have a moving permit from the county where previously located. All mobile homes entering the county must be 1976 or newer.

Can a homeowner pull a permit in South Carolina? ›

A: A homeowner can obtain a permit to perform construction on his own residence provided that the home is not offered for sale or rent for a period of two years.

How much is a moving permit in South Carolina? ›

To obtain a SC House Moving License, complete the below form and return to the OS/OW Permit Office along with your Insurance Accord form. A yearly license fee of $100.00 shall be paid by cash, check, money order or escrow account. House moving license can not be paid for with a credit card.

How much is sales tax on a mobile home in SC? ›

Mobile Homes: The first 35% of the selling price of a new or used mobile home is exempt from sales and use tax. After allowing for the exemption, the maximum tax imposed on the sale is $300 plus 2% of the remaining sales price exceeding $6,000.
Due Dates.
Period EndedDue Date
Period EndedDecember 31Due DateJanuary 20
11 more rows

Does a mobile home have a VIN number? ›

Your manufactured or mobile home VIN number is typically found: On the data plate inside your home. Marked on your mobile home's steel frame (stamped into the steel cross member where the hitch is attached to for each section of the home)

What does it mean to Detitle a mobile home in SC? ›

De-Titling a. Manufactured Home Requires Land. When. you de-title your manufactured home you are attaching the manufactured home to. the land as a 'Land Improvement' and the two assume a legal definition of 'one'

Do you have to sell your park home to pay for care? ›

If you are having to sell your park home because you have been told that you need to do so to fund care fees, that may not be true! It might mean the difference between losing your home and a lifetime of savings or being able to pass on an inheritance to your loved ones.

What are park home walls made of? ›

They are typically made using plasterboard walls. These are exactly the same as plasterboard walls in a traditional house, and under BS3632, they are constructed to include additional insulation and to be soundproof. This stops noise from travelling and makes for a warmer, more energy efficient home.

Is a mobile home considered an asset? ›

Pursuant to section 5801(b)(2), manufactured homes are not classified as real property and, therefore, are classified as personal property. However, manufactured homes are treated and valued similar to real property assessed under the provisions of article XIII A of the California Constitution.

How long does it take to get planning permission for a mobile home? ›

Generally, the local planning authority must make a decision on a planning application within 8 weeks of receiving the application, but if the local authority needs more information, or the decision is appealed, it may take much longer.

How high should a mobile home be off the ground? ›

Because manufactured homes must conform to state transportation guidelines, the maximum allowable height stands at 13 feet, 6 inches from the ground to rooftop. This generally equals the ceiling height norm in site-built homes, which typically runs between 9 and 10 feet.

What is a winter pack mobile home? ›

Winter Pack is an option on a new mobile homes which includes Double Glazed Windows and Gas Central Heating these can vastly extend your winter usage but is not the all year round residential standard. At Harry Farrell & Sons we can provide you with both options.

What is the four year rule? ›

The current 4-Year Rule allows you to make a formal application to determine whether your unauthorised use has become lawful through the passage of time — rather than through its compliance with space standards and other planning requirements.

What can I put on my land without planning permission? ›

23 Projects You Can Do Without Planning Permission
  1. Interior renovations. ...
  2. Single-storey extensions. ...
  3. Build a conservatory without planning permission. ...
  4. Erect a multi-storey extensions. ...
  5. Repair, replace or add windows. ...
  6. Loft conversion. ...
  7. Replace roof. ...
  8. Install rooflights.
20 Jan 2020

What can you live in without planning permission? ›

Outbuildings such as sheds, garages, greenhouses and some other structures like garden rooms are also considered to fall within permitted development so will not require planning permission.

What are the three basic types of housing? ›

Top 5 Different Types of Houses
  • Single-Family Home. A single-family home is a detached building built on a lot. ...
  • Condo. Condominiums, or condos, are units within larger buildings that share at least one wall with a neighboring unit. ...
  • Townhouse. ...
  • Multi-Family Home. ...
  • Co-op.
20 Feb 2019

What is affordable housing permit? ›

An affordable housing permit (huisvestingsvergunning) is a permit which allows you to live in an inexpensive rental property. The municipality makes sure that these homes are rented out to people who earn a lower income. The permit is needed: for a self-contained (independent) living space which has 185 points or less.

How much does it cost to move a mobile home in Texas? ›

Moving mobile homes less than 100 miles costs approximately $7,000, but some homeowners might pay as little as $700 or as much as $20,000 or more. If the mobile home needs to be moved more than 50 to 100 miles, the costs will increase.

How much does it cost to remove a mobile home in Texas? ›

Typically removing a mobile home in Texas costs between $3,000 - $10,000. Removing and demolishing mobile homes is no simple task. We have the know-how and experts to help with removing your old mobile home off of your property.

How much does a trailer cost? ›

A new travel trailer typically costs between $11,000 and $35,000. An average 24′ travel trailer with decent construction will cost approximately $23,000. Obviously, the price depends on a lot of different factors–not the least of which is the size and construction quality.

How much does a mobile home weigh? ›

Weight of the mobile home

According to Free Mobile Home Info, older homes typically weigh between 35 to 40 lbs. per square foot, while newer manufactured homes weigh anywhere from 45 to 50 lbs. per square foot. That means if your mobile home is 800 square feet, it could weigh up to 40,000 lbs.

How much does a mobile home frame weigh? ›

How much does a mobile home frame weight? Depending on the size of the home, a mobile home frame it should weigh between 3,000 to 10,000 pounds. The largest homes can go over 20,000.

What is a pitch fee for a mobile home? ›

Pitch fee. You have to pay a 'pitch fee' to the park owner to rent the land your park home sits on. The park owner can propose to change it once a year. They must give you 28 days' notice in writing.


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