Human Resources Graduate Programs Masters in HR 2023+ (2023)


What master's degree is best for HR? ›

MS Human Resource Management (MS-HRM)

Its Master's in Human Resources is one of the best HR master's programs in the country and provides students with a strong foundation in human resource competencies with a focus on business methodologies, strategic thinking, and leadership qualities.

Is a masters degree in HR worth it? ›

The MHRIR degree also provides benefits as you advance your career. For example, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that human resources managers, a role that often requires or prefers a master's degree, earn nearly 51% more than HR specialists, who typically require only a bachelor's degree.

Is it better to have an MBA or MS in human resources? ›

The short answer is: An MBA degree offers general business skills that can get you ahead in any area,while the MS-HRM is more appropriate for someone with a foundational business background who wants to focus more deeply on human resource management. The degree you choose depends on your career goals.

Is MA in HR equivalent to MBA in HR? ›

A master's in human relations is a deep immersion into the field of HR. While an MBA gives you business insight, a human resources master's degree is a good option for those who are truly excited by the HR field, and want to focus primarily on courses in that area.

What field of HR makes the most money? ›

10 highest-paying HR jobs
  1. Professional Development Manager. Median pay: $308,000.
  2. Human Resources Business Partner Manager. Median pay: $223,000.
  3. Learning Manager. ...
  4. Compensation Manager. ...
  5. Talent Manager, HR. ...
  6. Organizational Development Manager. ...
  7. Labor Relations Manager. ...
  8. Human Resources Information Systems Manager. ...
Oct 3, 2022

What is the salary of MBA HR? ›

MBA HR fresher salary in India ranges between ₹ 0.2 Lakhs to ₹ 8.7 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 2.2 Lakhs. Salary estimates are based on 171 latest salaries received from MBA HR freshers.

Is HR a high paying field? ›

The best Human Resources jobs can pay up to $183,000 per year. Human resources is a large industry, and there are many kinds of jobs for those interested in the field. Human resources specialists are responsible for recruitment efforts.

Is HR a good career salary? ›

The average income for an HR professional in the United States is about $70,000 per year, according to Glassdoor and Indeed even for entry level positions. Those with a few years of experience, who earn in the top 10% make more than $100,000 each year. You enjoy working with people.

Is MBA in HR difficult? ›

MBA HR is considered easy in comparison to other MBA Specializations. However, the admission process for all MBA programs requires candidates to go through the same application process and competitive exams.

What degree is useful for HR? ›

You don't usually need to be a human resources graduate to secure a job in HR, recruitment or learning and development (L&D), as most employers consider graduates of any subject. However, a degree in business management, economics, finance, HR or psychology may improve your chances of landing a job.

What degree should I do to work in HR? ›

You could do a foundation degree, higher national diploma or degree in any subject. You could then apply for a graduate HR training scheme. You may have an advantage if you study an HR related subject like: human resources management.


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