Principal Telecommunications Engineer Job in London (2023)

Salary: £47,884 per year - estimated ?
Location: London
Company: Worley
Hours: Full time

Principal Telecommunications Engineer Job in London (1)

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Worley is recruiting a Principal Telecommunications Engineer to join our team in London / Aberdeen on a PAYE basis. This role is a hybrid working position, with some office work required.

Scope of Responsibilities

The Principal Telecoms Engineer reports to the manager and support development of a Telecoms Engineering Group. Strong leadership, decision making and influencing skills are required to ensure the delivery of challenging project and client targets.

Broad knowledge of telecommunication systems in the oil and gas or petrochemicals industry is required with a number of years experience as a lead engineer in a multi-disciplined role is preferred, but relevant Telecoms industry experience will be considered.

Supervise and Lead a team of engineers and designers in carrying out detailed engineering work for large sized projects assuming entire responsibility for conceptual and detailed design and provide necessary technical information for procurement in compliance with tender specifications/data sheets and within budgeted man-hour and project schedules.

Primary Duties

• Responsible for executing all aspects of telecom related scope delivery and optimization of the design in most cost effective manner to the satisfaction of the Contractor and Client.
• Responsible to ensure that the optimized design meets performance, safety, reliability and functional requirements of the Client, and that the product delivered is of acceptable quality.
• Responsible for providing prime technical interface and interaction with Client for successful resolution of discipline related scope and technical issues.
• Responsible for planning, managing, prioritizing and scheduling workload and various project activities related to discipline scope.
• Reviews alternative methods and solutions for complex telecom engineering problems and selects the most efficient and economical option to achieve the design objectives and international standards e.g. ITU / IEEE / IEC etc.
• Manage the development / preparation of telecom system schemes and identification of telecom equipment specifications & interfaces.
• Excellent knowledge of the IP Telephony, Public Address and General Alarm, Data Networking, Optical Transmission , Radio and Wireless Communication Systems design.
• Also has experience on plant security systems like Video Access Surveillance System, Access Controls and Identification Management System and Intrusion Detection System.
• Innovatively applies advanced engineering techniques and analyses engineering studies and reports within the discipline e.g. Optical power budget calculation, Radio coverage study and PAGA Acoustic coverage studies.
• Responsible for engineering activities and deliverables, modeling inputs, project reporting and design integrity checks/reviews to ensure that all key issues are identified and mitigated.
• Review contract requirements for project execution, organize the preparation of the Technical Document Register (TDR), identify requirements and scope of work; review specifications Plot plans, General Arrangement (GA) drawings, Review Philosophies, Area Classification Drawings, Fire and Gas Detector Layout Drawings and other relevant documents. Establish contract review criteria, identify and resolve discrepancies and divergences from original proposal through the instigation of technical queries to projects/client.
• Coordinate with projects and planning on project time schedules, establish target completion dates, ensure target dates are achieved.
• Develop Manpower charts and schedules, recommend, assign and distribute manpower for the execution of engineering activities within budgeted project man-hours. Recommend cost effective measures to reduce overall manpower costs.
• Verify and conceptualize the most optimum work route. Identify a clear scope of work/supply and accordingly plan/schedule the engineering activities and manpower resource. Identify and quantify total number of engineering deliverables, man-hour allocation, format of delivery, time schedules and other requirements for execution of the work.
• Organize the preparation of equipment and material specifications and data sheets, administer the development of detailed engineering calculations and drawings including the preparation of the design basis document, Bill of Quantities, Block Diagrams, Equipment system specifications, cable routing, control room layouts, Cause and Effect Diagrams, Loop Diagrams, Functional Logic Diagrams, Terminations Diagrams, Installation Hook-up Drawings, Instrument Plot Plans, Control Panel Drawings, Control/Equipment Room Lay-outs, Cable Tray/Trench Lay-outs, Cable/Tubing Schedules and Cable Drum Schedules, JB schedules, Interconnection Schedules, Fire/Smoke Detection Lay-out and Alarm Lists.
• Provide inputs for the preparation of plot plans, organize the issuance of engineering drawings and technical documents for Inter-Discipline Checks (IDC’s) coordinate with other engineering discipline in the integration of data inputs.
• Direct and monitor Material Take Off (MTO) activities, identify irregularities and shortfalls, take corrective action as required.
• Review the ITB (Invitation to Bid) documents submitted in the proposals stage, issue inquiry requisitions, review techno-commercial vendor offers, prepare equipment, material and man-hour estimates
• Direct the preparation of technical inquiry requests (Inquiry Requisitions) to vendors, participate in the technical evaluation of vendor bid offers. Direct and provide guidance in the Technical Bid Evaluations (TBE), review vendor drawings and documents. Supervise the review of design calculations, ensure vendor equipment specifications meet with client equipment specifications and are within budgeted costs.
• Coordinate the preparation of Purchase Requisitions for the procurement of equipment and materials. Ensure materials are obtained within scheduled timeframes and budgeted costs.
• Interface and regularly meet with client and vendor representatives, conduct internal staff meetings, ensure the progress of project in accordance to schedule, allotted man hours and budgeted costs. Coordinate with projects and planning departments on schedule related issues.
• Participate in HAZOP meeting with client and representatives of other engineering disciplines.
• Interact with Quality Assurance for quality issues, strictly ensure compliance with Company’s ISO Quality procedures. Coordinate Internal and Client audit requests, facilitate audit procedures of engineering systems within the department.
• Interface and provide clarification and guidance and technical support to construction sites and commissioning engineers, provide startup assistance as required.
• Participate in employee performance evaluations, establish performance criteria, identify employee strengths and weaknesses, recommend training and development requirements.
• Perform related duties as and when directed by Direct Supervisor.
• Understanding and execution experience with remote engineering offices is desirable.

Job/Cost Impact

Leads the activities in converting the project from concept to detailed engineering. Works within Project Budget requirements. Serves as the tie-in in the department team for inter-discipline engineering concerned with the project. Accountable for overall discipline related activities for the successful completion of project within allotted schedule, manpower and costs.

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  • Degree in or equivalent, in a relevant telecommunications engineering subject.
  • Self motivated, ambitious, telecommunication professional
  • Minimum of 10 years of experience in the field of telecommunications and Data Communications.
  • Extensive technical skills and knowledge.
  • Good organisational, planning and project management skills
  • Sound commercial understanding and good cost management

Person profile

• Can work independently or as part of a team
• Flexible with respect to work, location and timing
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Ability to lead a team
• Be able to identify risks with respect to technical issues
• Ability to work under pressure
• To be able to lead problem solving within the team
• Attention to detail
• Consistently meets targets and delivers

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